BIC Big Boy

BIC Big Boy Ride the Tide Barbados surfboard rental in Barbados

BIC Big Boy

$40 BBD/day
($20 US/day)

NEW FOR WINTER 2019/2020. The BIG BOY has one very clear purpose. To guarantee easy access to the surfing experience for any size of rider.

The BIG BOY surfboard has massive amounts of volume. This makes surfing your first waves simple for every sized rider. These are the exact surfboards that we use for adults in our surfing lessons.

Paddling, take-off, standing and surfing all the way to the shallows has never been easier! The BIG BOY offers a steep learning curve followed by more advanced performance. The BIG BOY opens up the surfing experience to anyone who cares to try and our team of surf coaches LOVE these boards!!!

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