BIC Nose Rider 94

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BIC Nose Rider 94 Ride the Tide Barbados surfboard rental in Barbados

BIC Nose Rider 94

$40 BBD/day
($20 US/day)

The 9'4" Nose rider was designed by legendary shaper Darrell "Rooster" Dell. The Nose Rider lends itself to a more traditional style of wave riding and nose riding, the old-school style of longboarding.

There's added volume in the 9'4" which always makes for easy take-offs and stable nose rides and shape characteristics for speed and flow with easy rail-to-rail transitions.

The 9'4" Nose Rider is a great board for cruising the waves and a great surfboard for a new or aspiring surfer to drop a board size without losing too much of the wave catching ability and comforts found in a high volume larger surfboard.

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