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Surfing Lessons & FREE 7 DAYS Surfboard Hire

You read it correct and true... FREE 7 day surfboard hire when you book yourself into our 3-PACK of surfing lessons!!!

surfing lessons and free 7 day surfboard hire in barbados

I really must have miscalculated BIG time when I dreamed up this offer. Including FREE surfboard hire worth USD$100... for FREE!

So, even if I did mess up it is still a great offer and its in print now so I will just have to honor the deal.

In all seriousness, we are a surf school and we teach people to enjoy surfing. The reality is that there is only so much that we can share in a 2 hour session and there is only so much a new surfer can absorb and practice in a 2 hour surfing lesson. If you really want to crack it youll need to share a few sessions with a surf coach. And, hence the 3-PACK DEAL!!!

surfing lessons 3-pack deal

So, you're in for 3 surfing sessions and that's a sign of commitment that we can't ignore... so BANG! Have USD$20 off the total price. But just like learning to drive all of your real learning happens when you go solo surfing. So I've decided to add value to your surfing commitment and offer the FREE surfboard hire for 7 days from your first surfing lessons with us.

surfing lessons bundle with free 7 day surfboard in barbados

As if are surfing services were not already packed full of extra added value, from loaner rash vest to GoPro cameras. Now there is discount prices and added value features.

If you really want to learn to surf, like, I mean really want to learn to surf who you gonna call?

...And the answer ain't Ghost Busters!

Plain and simple we've got the kit, the surf coaches, the experience, the qualifications, the insurance and the proven track record. If you find better anywhere else on the island gimme a chance to match it but in all honesty buing cheap will leave you buying twice.

I love the old cliches. They are the best and I guess that's why they're the oldest...proven!

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