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surfboard rentals with Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados

At Ride The Tide Surf School we know that not every surfer we meet is a pro surfer that can surf all day long. Most of the surfers that join us are kinda new to surfing and so that we've created the 2 hour board hire.

Now, it's ONLY available directly from us. Your hotel rep cannot book this offer for you. You can catch us on the spot or call ahead to guarantee your board is reserved. 

The 2 hour surfboard hire rate is available on all of our standard quiver surfboards. That is all longboards, shortboards and mid-sized funshapes. So that means all of our NSP surfboards and BIC Surf surfboards are available at this wicked cool rate.

If you can manage anything over a 2 hour long surfing session then you'll pay regular day rate of USD$20 per surfboard. But then that board is your to surf until close at 1630.

After doing plenty of present market research I can tell you that there ain't no better deal on the island. And that goes for any of our surf services. I think the best you can come is USD$20 for the day at our next best competitor adn you aint getting no fresh surfboard. Maybe they can offer a thousand year old board or a foamie.

barbados surfboard hire 2 hour special

Meanwhile, the team and our surfers will be surfing fun waves so don't get stuck on a bath toy fumbling in the white wash...LOL!

Come and get a surfboard from a surf school that goes surfing.

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