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Hurricane Beryl Barbados

Hurricane Beryl Barbados

The first Hurricane for the 2018 Atlantic season blew past Barbados yesterday.

Nothing major to report. Beryl passed the island as a storm and passed us a long way North of us. There was some rain and a little breeze but nothing like we had to batten down the hatches for.

A little bit of much needed rain fell so I will be looking forward to the island being nice a green and a little less greasy.

There were waves. Now, I didn't get to surf them yesterday but from what I saw it was a late late pulse over on the east coast with Soup Bowl delivering some lovely near head-high or head-high and maybe some overhead waves. The conditions were very calm with super glassy water throughout much of the afternoon.

I am sure that the better part of what Beryl had to deliver arrived under the cover of darkness in the night. A shame but any dawn patrollers would have scored even if they had to bare a little rain, thunder and some lightning. 

Hurricane Beryl 2018

There are some left-over waves rolling through over at the Barbados Soup Bowl and conditions remained clean and smooth most of the early morning. If you hadn't had your fill yet I'd have said get there early as I don't think there will be Beryl swell this afternoon and already I can feel the trade winds picking up and returning to constant East breeze.

For Barbados Hurricane Beryl was an early warning to be prepared this Hurricane season. She may have been small and fallen to bits on queue with the dry air and Sahara dust but being small made her hard to track & predict accurately and as much as this time it was a false alarm or near miss it could easily have been a rough one. Everyone remember the past couple of years and the devastation felt across the region.

As a surfer, though, I will take a few more of those storm swells please and I cannot wait for some of the pics from yesterday to drop!

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