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Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award 2020 to Ride the Tide Barbados

Another year and another TripAdvisor certificate of excellence travelers choice award for us at at RTT.


Obviously I am pleased and please for the lads that have delivered an excellent product and super grateful to you all, our surfers, for all of the positive reviews - thanks very much!


I think there were some average and below par reviews in there and I want to thank the folks for sharing the too. I do wish that any of our customers and surfers that were left unhappy with expectations not met would have spoken to me directly and immediately and given us a chance to make them happy instead of leaving a bad review. But that’s the nature of the online game these days. And do understand that there’s very little we can do to fix your happy when you’ve left our place and left the country. A free one on us ain’t so useful when your marching through arrivals back home.


But hell yeah, what an insane year to have and still survive. I feel for all the activity businesses that didn’t make it through with the pandemic. And I hope that hey find a way to try again with the same or similar.


Remember dudes, this year it definitely wasn’t you or your product. The world was upside down and that you tried or not, failed or succeeded is a testament to you all for being in the game.


I see challenges ahead at RTT and for Barbados in general but now more than ever it’s gonna be service that separates. And why shouldn’t it be the best. For me I already know how lucky I am to be doing what i truly love. For those visitors planning to come and see us you already know you’ve worked hard to take a deserved break and after one helluva Covid season why would you settle for less than the best?


Myself and Zac are gonna grind out the remainder of a Covid year and look forward to our winter 2020/21. And thanks again for al of the hot reviews.


Check out one of our post Covid surf lesson sessions below. Not the bliest sky or water with just a touch of passing summer seaweed. But the best waves at Freight's Bay in a while and the best waves island wide for the day.

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