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Surfing Lessons at Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados will remain on SPECIAL OFFER until the 30th November! 

If you book in and prepay before the 30th November you'll get your surfing lessons for the GREAT price of USD$50 per surfer.

That's a surfing lesson only but it's our full and complete 2 hour surfing lesson with all of our regular surf lesson trimmings.

You can expect,

  • Lots of GoPro camera video clips of yourself surfing wicked cool waves.
  • All surf equipment
  • Rash guard available
  • Bottled water
  • Cool Ride The Tide Surf School sticker

And we can still include FREE South coast collection for our surfers (first come first served basis).

All of our surfing lessons lately have been taking place at Freight's Bay. That's our home break and the nicest place on the island to have your surfing lesson.

Surf Lesson special price Barbados

With cool easy waves & a shallow sandy bottom you can easily see why.

If you were not already sure about surfing this Barbados vacation our USD$50 DEAL on surfing lessons should nudge you into one of our sessions. Bring your friends, bring you A-game and catch some waves with us. I am so certain that you'll enjoy yourself!.

Check out some of our waves from our recent surfing lessons.

See, I told you we catch the best waves for our surfers, picking out the best time of day to start our surfing session to give our surfers the best possible shot and catching and riding the most amount of successful wave rides possible. That's the way we like it at Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados and thats the way its gonna stay.

The BEST possible PRICE and the BEST possible surfing service and surf school in the land, it's gotta be a no brainer - who you gonna go surfing with?

Oh, did I mention that we are still keeping those small group surfing lessons with a 4:1 surfers to surf coach ratio. That's tonnes of contact with your surf coach, hundreds of waves ridden and plenty smiles all about the place!!!

So, surf dudes! go to the contact page and reach out to us and lets reserve that surfing lesson slot for you and make the magic happen. It's more fun than rum in the sun and besides we got so many sea turtles swimming around us when we surf at Freight's Bay you'll think you're on a turtle tour.

ride the tide barbados

See you soon!

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