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Today our surfing lessons went to Freight’s Bay. It’s our favorite place to do surfing lessons because it really allows our surfers the best possible shot at being a super awesome surfer.

surf school crew surf lessons in barbados

It’s shallow enough to walk around the break and line-up and easy enough under foot. There isn’t a whole heap of current to worry about and although the beach can be very narrow and in some parts rocky there are so may safe ways and places to get in and out of the water so that newbie surfers can focus on what they’re supposed to be focused on, surfing and only surfing.

It was the 3rd a final surfing session with the Condor crew today. They had been working hard the past 2 days at Drill Hall beach surfing where the conditions were challenging at times but the team had put the work in and already and had accomplished lots of surfing wins, scoring some fantastic waves along the way, all caught on our GoPro cameras I might add.

surfing lessons in barbados

I, of course, expected big things from the surf team today in terms of surfing perfomance. They had already proved themselves able to “pop-up” and “crawl-up”. These are the 2 techniques I believe in teaching our surfers. I can come back and speak about those later or at another time. The Condor surfing team were already making some turns to ride the wall of the wave, get on that green-wall, taking some super long rides all the way to the beach. At Drill Hall beach Barbados its a good idea to take a wave all the way home if you can so that you can make an easy paddle out from the corner of the reef, beating the inside current and the impact zone.

Today was a real surfing treat for our surfers, going to Freight’s Bay. A place where all of their hard work in the ruff surfing conditions just the days before could be put into practice if those super smooth, clean conditions where they could really feel the board and focus a little more on extended turns.

The first turn I like to encourage our newbie surfers to make after they have started to ride that green wall is to include an easy cut-back turn as a way to complete their wave ride. After all surfing is supposed to look sexy!

ride the tide surf school barbados

Check out their GoPro surfing clips from the session. I think they did alright. They should be doing alright, a super motivated team of surfers taking full advantage of the their stay in Barbados and grabbing that deal price seasonal offer 3-PACK. The best value in town for learning to surf, 3 surfing lessons for the great discount price of USD$150.

To see more Barbados surfing action follow the Youtube channel!



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