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Barbados 121 Surfing Lessons

121 surfing lessons at Ride The Tide Surf School are just that. You the waves and your surf coach. We take beginners that want the special attention to the details and fast track progression at the beginning of their surf journey as well as those that already surf and want some fine tunning.

When you know a little bit about surfing and just need that little bit of extra love to find the next level in your surfing you're never going to find it in a group learning situation. Simply, all eyes are not on you and in a beginner group you'll not have the access to the calibre of waves in order to make progress. You need a 121 surfing lesson.

121 surfing lessons can be hands on a focused or they could be a surf buddy session. Travel to a better surf break with a surfboard of choice and have surf mate in the line-up with you to put you under the peak and into some bangers of waves. It's always swell depending and anything is possible. But getting a wave dialed in straight away makes all the difference to a session.

Check this fun little session at Maycocks during some North swell. It was the tail end of the swell but still tonnes of fun waves.


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