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Barbados beginner & intermediate surf lessons at Freight's Bay. Learn to surf, catch waves, stand up & ride "green waves", BOOST your wave count, turning, trimming & enjoy surfing. 2 hours surfing in groups 4:1 surfers to surf coaches FREE GoPro videos for every surfer! FREE collection service available.
Surf School & Surfing Lessons

Learn To Surf In Barbados


Barbados is a fantastic island and has some amazing surf all year round. Barbados offers a full spectrum of surfing conditions to suit all surfers with varied experience and surfing skill levels.

Between the winter and summer surfing seasons you can really score some amazing waves whether you are an expert, intermediate or beginner surfer.

We tend to see two types of surfing customer at Ride The Tide Surf School here in Barbados. Most of our surfing customers are either here specifically to learn to surf and improve their surfing or it’s a bucket list thing, people excited to try something new for the first time and see if they like it.

Could as well, right?

The water is super warm, clear blue and turquoise, and there are sea turtles everywhere. If you were ever thinking that surfing could be for you Barbados is the place to try it!

The team at Ride The Tide Surf School are an experienced team of surfing professionals… as in we are a bunch of “has-beens” that just love surfing!

Even though we know we are never going to mark our mark on the surfing world and our days of a magazine cover shots or online articles are gone or fading quickly we still love surfing. And so, we are here to share surfing with everyone. It’s just like the old phrase goes,

“Those that can’t do teach and those that can’t teach will teach gym (surfing)”

In seriousness… some seriousness, we love surfing, we care about surfing and we care about every surfer that joins us or not and want everyone to enjoy surfing the way we do.

So without any more mumbles and without any further ado lets talk about how to get the most out of your surfing with us in Barbados.

You want the best surfing experience from your Barbados surfing vacation you will need to arrive prepared.

If you bring surfboards with you make sure that you bring appropriate boards that you already know. Nothing worse than ordering a new quiver of boards for yourself with some new ideas in there and take them into uncharted territory only to be unpleasantly surprised. Bring surfboards that you know and love already.

Make sure that your boards are packed neatly! Air travel doesn’t care about surfboards and airlines will do their best to ruin your boards. There is lots of info available online about the best way to pack your boards. The most efficient way I’ve found is to put surfboards in a day bag and then pack them in a travel case. You might not get as many as you like packed in there but they tend to arrive in one piece and it’s the quickest way I’ve found that doesn’t require lots of tape, foam, and effort.

Bring wax with you! Wax, when compared, is way expensive to what you’ll be used to. It is expensive to get it here and then to try and turn a dollar on it, our ourselves included, there is an overinflated price tag that will make you jump.

Bring wax that works. It’s tropical over here, like so tropical here in Barbados. I find that Sex Wax 5x hard is the best for our waters.

The majority of surf kit or everything else you’ll need to bring with you is a personal preference thing and an experience thing. Everyone seems to have their preferred brand of sunblock and they’re all better than the next so I will let you make those mistakes on your own. But on the topic of sunblock, you’ll need to find a good waterproof sunblock and you’ll still have to reapply.

That there guys is the basics for any surf trip. onwards and upwards… if you really really want the most out of your surf trip, prepare yourself mentally and physically. Be in the best shape you possibly can.

I know we all want the body of a Greek god and the patience of the Dalai Lama and a few of us have it but for the rest of us mere mortals navigating our way through life there isn’t always enough time to be that way. There are curve balls and things that get in the way and its ok.

Honestly, whatever your surf level we could all be a little more tuned. That could mean a bit lighter, a bit stronger or faster but we could all do something more.

The body is the easiest to take care of and if you can take care of your physical form the mental state will follow. Arrive fighting fit and chill then the surfing will come to you, I promise.


How to do this?

Get down the gym! You could use the gym or get a trainer. There are so many training schedules available online. Some are free and some are paid for so just figure out what's for you and start something. It sounds like a chore and a bore but it works. The very worst thing that can happen is that you feel and look a little better and that's got to be a good thing.

My advice, think about your weaknesses in surfing and start training them. Maintain those old injuries but hit the pool for a few laps so that you’re paddle ready. Get on the push-ups for the chest and find some core strength with some flexibility. Any is better than none.

Be open-minded during your surf trip. Every day is a good day and even the bad ones are not that bad. Sometimes there will be waves and sometimes it’ll be slow & small. Sometimes you’ll be on the form of your life and other days you’ll be unable to find your surfing rhythm but just go and enjoy and remember no problem is insurmountable.

We do from time to time meet surfers that get stressed out with their surfing and it doesn’t do them any good and it doesn’t help them change their situation for the better.

Stop measuring your success against the success of others. Your only objective is to be better today than you were yesterday or to figure out a way to be that way tomorrow.

As an enthusiastic newbie don’t rush to improve too much and rush through board sizes and dimensions to ride a 5’5” and be a hero down the surf pub or and Instagram hero. Enjoy the journey with a smile on your face and it will all happen exactly the way you’d imagined it. Surf the right board for the conditions and surf with a smile.

Some folks like all that kinda stuff, the scheduled progression, and if it’s what works for you that's fine but if you’re not a city career charger that knows how to use the technique of quantifying everything or even if you are, don't let a beating beat you.

it’s just surfing and if you find that you want something else with a league table then go play sports because that what sports are for.

Pura Vida, and see you soon!

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