Barbados Surf Guide

Barbados Surf Guide

Barbados TOP 5 Surf Spots

There are plenty of good surfing breaks on the island of Barbados on every side of the island. You should be able to find some waves on any given day if you know where to look.

Not every surfing spot is for everyone. Bare in mind that Barbados is a coral island which means there will be reef and rocks at every surfing break.

It’s up to you to know how they enter and exit the surf break safely or to ask if you’re unsure. Surf with respect for the local line-up at every surf break and surf within your surfing ability or skill level.

A hurricane swell making overhead waves on the East coast will not be good for a beginner or intermediate surfer’s development and it could all end in tears.

That being said I can share a little bit about some of the more popular surfing breaks around the island and leave out completely some of the others that either break infrequently or are hidden gems that are best kept that way.

This TOP 5 list of Surfing Breaks around Barbados is a top 5 based on the consistency of waves and accessibility.

“Soup Bowl"

Obviously, the Soup Bowl is Barbados number 1 & premier surf break. Soup bowl is on Barbados’ East coast and captures all of the east, northeast trade swell and any north swell will really turn the place on with step, fast & hollow rights.

Soup Bowl Surf Break Barbados

Soup Bowl will give you the goods on any day. On it’s day, it can be challenging where only the BEST surfers will get the rewards and always expect some onshore breeze.

Kelly Slater ranks Barbados soup bowl as one of his TOP & Favourite waves on the planet and he should know!

During the summer months Soup Bowl can be flat or very small. But in September & October you

Brandons Beach Barbados

can expect to get those hurricanes swells with near perfect wind conditions where its super glassy and just perfect.

It is a reef break so will be rocky underfoot and sometimes urchins can make getting in and out of the water difficult. Not a problem if you know you channels and how to make use of the rip.

Soup Bowl's Surf Break Barbados, Smaller waves


Brandon's is the go-to surf break on the south coast. it is super central with plenty free parking. On the Barbados island map, you will find it marked as Drill Hall Beach. In the winter months, you can
expect it to be on daily serving up some long lefts with multiple sections.

Another reef break but has a sandy spot at the Hilton hotel end of the break. Be careful coming in over the reef on low tides, it gets shallow fast. Super popular in the winter months when the waves are their best so expect a thick crowd when it's on. In the summer months, Brandon's is much smaller and becomes our go-to surf break for our surfing lessons when Freight’s Bay is flat.

Sandy Lane

Sandy lane is a reef break right in front of the world renowned exclusive beach hotel Sandy Lane. Expect beautiful lefts in super clear blue water that will take you all the way to the beach. A smaller line up that can get busy when the swell is on, sandy lane is the most central of the west coast breaks with plenty of street side free parking and by far the easiest wave to surf. Sandy Lane can get big with the correct swell and can get hollow on the classic days. It’s super shallow over the reef and low tides will expose dry reef for anyone brave enough to take a right hander out there.

Sandy Lane Beach Barbados

An experienced surfer will make use of the rip from the beach to take them straight back to the line up after a wave. Fun to take off deep and almost backdoor the take off from behind the peak.

Missing a behind the peak take off can leave you with a world of work taking a beating over the shallow reef.

Freight’s bay

Freights bay is our home break for surfing lessons and surfboard rentals during the winter months.
Freights Bay BarbadosYou can expect to find our daily pop-up shop there every day as marked on Google Maps. Freight’s bay is a super easy break to surf and just perfect for longboarders with long peeling lefts. The break Is shallow and easy to walk around freely without booties. There are three peaks offering long easy lefts for hundreds of meters if you get it right. Always expect it to be crowded in the winter months with surf schools, beginners, intermediates and the occasional ripper. The hardest part of surfing freights bay is getting your board up and down the stairs and off the rocky beach. Many boards have

Surfing At Freights Bay Barbadosbeen damaged or destroyed on the shore line and the bottom of the stairs as the waves surge up the beach with a funneling effect, the back wash on full tides can be cruel. The best way to be safe and save your surfboard is always to walk out from the beach and stairs until you are waist deep in the water or 20 meters away from the shore line. And be very careful coming back in making sure to avoid the rocks on the beach. Exit the same way you entered by walking out of the water 20m before the beach keeping an eye on the waves behind you.

South Point

South Point is just around the corner walking distance for freights bay and offers a more progressive and challenging wave. A better wave for short boarders than Freight’s offering rights and lefts.South Point can be super intimidating to the Newbie surfer with lots of shore line rocks that look Surfing at South Point Barbadosjust like a cheese grater.There are 3 easy entry/exit points but all are rocky underfoot and can be slippery. The days with solid swell you can expect a good bit of current in the line up and a near shore rip you will have to battle through if using the stairs to enter the water. Be carefully getting out on low tides when it can be very shallow and on high tides when there can be lots of back wash on the shore.

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