About Us

About Us

about ride the tide surf school in barbados

…Brace yourself, lads. This is going to be another one of those boring “about us” sections from a tropical destination surf school, BARBADOS, that probably nobody will ever read.

At the risk of being too casual or unprofessional, here goes…

Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados is a mobile surf school on the beautiful, tropical island of Barbados. This means that you will be surfing wherever the waves are BEST on the day. It also means that we couldn't afford a store space when we started and we’ve been doing great without one ever since.

Our primary surfing offering or product is surfing lessons for beginners and intermediate surfers. We welcome those completely new to surfing, never tried it before, beginner surfers and intermediate surfers to join our surfing lessons where a surf coach is in the water beside you all of the time. Your surf coach is there to help you find and catch those waves.

“Our job is not only to teach you how to surf, doing it safely, but to make sure that you do lots of it in your session.”

Your surf coach will also be indulging in a bit of “banter” during the surfing session. Sharing any golden nuggets of knowledge that'll help you make your surfing a little better on the very next wave, as well as sharing all those little bits of local island knowledge that can make your stay in Barbados a super fun, memorable one.

Just in case you were wondering… what we call an intermediate surfer, are the guys that have done some in the past but are by no means ready to rip on their own, those are whats we call experts.

Your senior surf coach, founder, caretaker, Jay, has been surfing since he was about 7 or 8 years old. He began helping out around a local surf school & surf shop, actually his Dad’s surf shop. The Dread Or Dead surf shop was where it all began for Jay. When he was about 12 or 13 he started being a little more involved with the surfing school helping out during the summers and weekends.

Back then Jay was just an over excited surf grommie itching to surf all day & everyday. That passion grew into playing a bigger role in the surf school as he became a young man and he has never been able to completely break the surfing habit and fully commit to “career-ing”. Surfing is in the boy’s veins!

Easy to say your in safe hands when you're surfing with Jay. Also, he is quite handy on a longboard. This is one of those strong selling points about surfing with Jay & Ride The Tide Surf School. You will most likely begin learning to surf on a longboard. It makes learning quick & easy. There ain’t no better way to learn to surf than on a longboard and no better person to learn from than an experienced longboarder.

Do you see how surfing lessons at Ride The Tide Surf School already have the balance tipping in your favor?

Jay still gets as excited about surfing & teaching surfing lessons today as he did when he was a grommet. Jay has a fantastic team of experienced surf coaches on board that allows for smaller group surfing lessons where every surfer gets the personal attention and wave count they deserve.

ride the tide surf school, surf lessons and surfboard rentals in barbados

During the winter months, in Barbados, we’ll most likely be taking our surfing lessons for beginners and intermediate surfing sessions to Freight’s Bay. 99% of our winter surfing lesson go down at Freight’s Bay. It’s our home surf break!

Freight’s Bay has to be one of the most beautiful surf breaks on the planet. It is a truly amazing location to surf at and very well suited to our accommodate our surfing lesson needs. Freight’s Bay will offer waves for differing skill level surfers. You’ll find easy beginners waves for new surfers that are frequent enough for early surfing success & progression as well as incremental challenges for surfers looking to improve their surfing performance and surfing skills.

Freight’s Bay is a reef break but often filled with sand making it easy enough to walk around the shallows freely. Now, that’s a big positive factor for beginner surfers. As a beginner you're going to be putting your feet down on the sea bed often and being able to do so with confidence is an absolute winner!

The wave at Freight’s Bay is a left breaking wave that can roll the entire length of the bay. There can be faster sections when there is larger swell but nearly all of our early and first time surfers can find themselves riding that smooth “green wall” of the wave where they can get a real taste and feel for wave riding and what surfing is really all about. After all, no surfer wants to be stuck in the foam, white wash of a broken wave bobbing around like a champagne cork!

You’ll be using the best kit for the job surfing at Ride The Tide Surf School. We have a quiver full of NSP and BIC Surf surfboards that are the industry standard for surf schools across the planet. We use high volume surfboards for our surf lessons so that there is foam and forgiveness where you need it and nothing else. Always using “real” surfboards for that performing edge and smooth progression of your surfing skills.

“You are not going to find any supermarket “Cost-Co” surfboard specials in our quiver!”

Come and join in a surfing lesson with Jay and the team at Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados and learn to surf with our surfing lessons, rent a surfboard from us or take an island surf tour to some of the premium waves around the island. Everyday is a surfing day at Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados and we are “All Waves Better Surfing!”

Besides, if you don't see Jay and the surf team teaching surf lessons its means there were better places & waves to surf elsewhere!

Ride The Tide Surf School, the best Surf Coaching, the best value Surf Lessons & Rental Surfboards in Barbados, every time!

We will make your Barbados surfing holiday & surfing experience one that is packed full of waves & GoPro surfing clips!