Barbados Surf Guide

Barbados Surf Guide

Barbados Island Surf Tour/Guide


Exactly as it sounds! We can be your island surf guide and take you on an island surf tour.


Single: USD$100

Pair or more: USD$80 ea.

Whether you've just arrived in Barbados to surf, with or without your surfboard, or you just found out that’s there’s banging surf in Barbados going down right now and you didn't bring your stick hit us up for a Barbados Island surf tour or surf guide.

This surf product is suited to the surfer that can already surf some. We will be heading to Barbados’ premium surf breaks looking for bigger, better advance waves. The Barbados Island Surf Tour or Surf Guide is not a product or surf service designed for beginners or newbie surfers.

Sure we will offer surf coaching points where necessary regarding technique and even get a little hands on helping you catch waves if you need a little surf coaching reminder but mostly we expect our surfing guests to be able to paddle to catch their own waves, complete wave rides with glide and flow including basic turns and be able to paddle themselves back to the line up un-aided.
A Surf Tour at Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados can go to any surf break in Barbados from Brandons’ to Soup Bowl and even the west coast, when it’s breaking. We will always be looking for the bigger, better advance waves to surf. We will utilize fully our local knowledge and multiple swell reports to highlight the better days to surf the different surfing breaks around the island.

The best surf tours take a little planning so that we can choose the days to go and find the glamour session but Barbados has lovely waves most everyday. It’s more a matter of are you and your surfing moves up for the challenge?