Barbados Surf Guide

Barbados Surf Guide

Barbados Island Surf Tour & Surf Guide


Exactly as it sounds! We can be your island surf guide and take you on a Barbados island surf tour. We can use our local knowledge to show you some of the island’s premium waves, some slightly hidden and some well known waves that require specific conditions to work their best.

This surf product, Island Surf Tour or Island Surf Guide, is designed to suit the experienced intermediate or advance surfer. We expect that you can already surf some with a high degree of surfing independence.

We will be searching for waves at some of Barbados’ more popular & consistent surf breaks hoping to find bigger & stronger advanced waves.

Our Barbados Island Surf Tour or Surf Guide is not a surfing excursion or surf service designed for the new to surfing, have not surfed before beginners or newbie surfers. We expect surfers joining us to be able to hold their own in the line-up & be able to find & catch waves independently & surf within their own abilities.

Surfing is an action Watersport that involves calculated risk taking by the surfer and they must be responsible for their decisions & choices.

Single Surfer USD$100
Pair of surfers or more ea. USD$80

When do you need a Barbados Surf Guide?

There is so much information out there on the internet these days that with a couple of clicks you should be able to find out all you need to know about surfing any surf break in Barbados.


So why would you need a surf guide or island surf tour in Barbados?

Trying to find a Taxi in Barbados that will take a surfboard is hard enough. Even if you have surf racks they’re not going to be too interested in salty, wax covered surfboards coming in or on top of their prized Nissan or Toyota.

(Vehicle tax on the island can easily turn a USD$9,000 ride into a USD$40,000 investment)

And they will be even less interested knowing that wet and sandy surfers are coming with those surfboards as well!

Then, open the negotiations for a price. You’ll be hard pressed to find a taxi that will take you surfing at an honest price. You can imagine the route will be scenic to say the least and that 35 minute drive you saw on Google maps could be well over an hour. Taxi men here think there’s value in time wasting and that it equates to a bigger, better fare.

The icing on the cake will be seeing if you can get a Barbados taxi to wait for you while you surf or to come back for you at an agreed time.

Still not sure, ask yourself these questions?

Are you staying at a surfing break?
Did you hire a car?
Can you walk to a surf break?
Are you happy to surf alone at a break you've never surfed before?
Are you and expert or elite surfer (do you rip)?
Did you bring your own surfboard to Barbados?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above you’ll probably be fine just winging it and surfing on your own?

However, if you answered “no” you might find joining us for a surf and a Barbados island surf tour could be the surf ticket you need?

So, what are we offering surfers that want to get out of the grommet surfing pond and into some waves?

A surfboard, your own surfboard or anyone of our surfboards from the quiver. Get that surfboard under your arm, beneath your feet and into some waves!

There’s transport to and from the surf spot and all of the regular, expected, surf session trimmings from rash vest to bottled water. Your surf guide will be in the water with you the whole time and just like a surf coach can offer friendly surf advice to make your surfing session and wave count a little better. Of course he is first aid & CPR trained and current.

When we collect or meet you we won't waste any time guessing where to surf driving around searching for waves. We will have a surf plan always go directly to the surf that we know is working. There will be no scenic route to get to a surf break. We will only be taking the most direct route to go surfing. The island is beautiful enough that we will see a few things worth seeing I am sure.

We are here to surf and only going surfing if theres a fighting chance that we find waves. If the swell ain’t working then the swell ain’t working. Just like fishing…

“Everyday is a fishing day but not always a catching day.”

Even if you really want to see Duppies but we know that there ain’t no surf up at Duppies we ain’t doing it. We ain’t going drive about for the sake of driving about. Surfing is supposed to be FUN and It ain’t no FUN surfing when you don't get to go surfing. If driving about is your thing then that’s a job for a taxi.

So, who’s coming?

West coast is pumping with another winter north swell and the tide is just right for some glamour waves, anyone fancy it?